Night Drive with 18’ WRX

Hey guys, just got my 18’ WRX! It’s been a blast driving this baby over the last two days and I’m really glad to get into the manual game. Here are a couple of thoughts on this car so far:

  1. The bite point seems to be at the very end of the clutch travel. Took me 2 days to start getting used to this and finally did a stall-free night drive today.

  2. The hill-start assist works pretty well to me actually. I’ve seen ppl post that it messes up with the clutch feelings but so far I actually enjoyed and appreciated this feature. Can’t imagine how to live with this car in a hilly city like Pittsburgh without it. Maybe in the future I can start to play with the handbrake hill start technique.

  3. Coming from a Corolla this car definitely gives some serious pulls and that turbo sound is so damn cool.

This car is definitely one of the most appreciated purchases I did so far. Anyway, thanks for reading this post haha and hopefully I can share more on my manual driving learning experience and updates on this WRX!