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Reconstruction Sensor Pod Project

1 minute read

This is a project that I’ve been working on during my internship at the Airlab since May 2018. The goal of this sensor pod is to achieve high accuracy 3D rec...

Methods of thermal camera calibration

2 minute read

This is a brief overview of a research paper that I did during Summer 2018 with my classmate Ruixuan Liu ( The pdf version can...

Mobot Competition 2018

1 minute read

Introduction Mobot is an annual competition for students to build mobile robot that can follow the lines in front of Wean Hall and pass the small gates. The ...

Build18 2018 Gesture Drone

less than 1 minute read

Video Sound on! We didn’t actually fly in this video since the controller is not stable. However, you can still see how the drone reacts to the hand gestures...

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